Meet the teacher. Talking with..... Dan Garcia.

While we're in lockdown and learning remotely we'll be catching up with some of the DaCapo teachers and so you can get to know them a little better

What’s your role at DaCapo? 
I am a Drum Kit, Piano and Xylophone teacher. Basically anything you can hit!

What instruments do you play?
My first study instrument is the Drum kit. I can also play piano and xylophone. I did grow up at DaCapo learning a variety of others, including violin, viola, clarinet and bassoon, but I don’t think anyone would want to hear me play those now!

Favourite piece of music?
That is a really tough question and I don’t think I can choose one! I’m going go with a few… my favourite drum groove from a song would be either Rosanna (Toto) for its feel, Come Together (The Beatles) for its musicality and When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin) for its power! Thinking more broadly something I’m listening to a lot at the moment is a song called when You Wash Your Hair by an artist called Matt Maltease!

Favourite composer?
Again, a very tough question and I can’t choose one! The Beatles are right up there, but I love the beauty and intimacy that composers like Debussy or Chopin write with.

What’s your guilty musical pleasure?
Early Coldplay albums! 

What are you reading / watching this week?
This week I have been watching the latest series of Killing Eve, my partner worked on it so I’m feeling very proud! 

How are you spending lockdown Saturdays?
My lockdown Saturdays are a combination of teaching and relaxing. I’m also using this time to learn how to record and mix drums, something I’ve always wanted to be better at! I’m doing a lot of online collaborations with friends and my flatmate is helping me film the videos as he is a camera operator. I’m learning a huge amount and am loving doing it!

What are you looking forward to most when lockdown is over? 
I think I’m most looking forward to social interaction that doesn’t take place over a screen! I’m also really looking forward to making music with my students and my band again. 

Do you have a favourite DaCapo memory? 
That's another really tough question!  Working at the DaCapo Summer School is always really fun! I had the honour and pleasure of meeting Tristan Fry at one of them so that was a great moment!

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