On February 4th the All-Parliamentary Group for Music Education, in partnership with the University of Sussex and the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), released a report entitled Music Education: State of the Nation. 

The comprehensive report reveals there has been a 17 per cent fall in GCSE music since 2014/15 and a 26% decrease in Key Stage Three music teachers.

Despite finding that the music industry adds £4.5 billion to the economy each year, the report identifies numerous factors currently threatening the field, including funding insecurity, access inequality, and issues regarding training and supporting the workforce.

Urging the government to address the most pressing issues, the report states: “The overall picture is one of serious decline. If the pace continues, music education in England will be restricted to a privileged few within a decade, and the UK will have lost a major part of the talent pipeline to its world-renowned music industry.”

There are 18 recommendations at the end of the report, which include encouraging a culture of singing in the classroom and making sure teachers have access to high-quality, relevant training.

Co-founder of The DaCapo Music Foundation, Jane Cutler, welcomed the report. She said: “the recommendations are really good, many of them mirroring the aims of our work at DaCapo."

“One of the most important things highlighted is that primary school teachers don’t get very much music in their teacher training. They absolutely need regular training to give them the knowledge they need to teach quality music lessons."

Jane called for a robust strategy moving forward: “Teachers either need to be trained up or experts brought in, in order to meet requirements for quality music education.“

The DaCapo Music Foundation provides training for classroom teachers and musicians teach or who wish to teach music in school. Find out more about how we can work with your school.

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