While we're staying at home and learning remotely we caught up with DaCapo Principal Jane Cutler. We asked her a few questions so you can get to know her a little better. 

What’s your role at DaCapo? 
I am the Principal of DaCapo and co-founded it with Michelle Groves almost 30 years ago. My role has always been in partnership with Michelle - we have been working together since I was a very new teacher over 30 years ago.  It is often hard for us to know who’s responsible for what but I have the musical expertise and the education mind and so I inspire the content and the delivery of the music programmes. They are knocked into shape and made accessible for others by Michelle's input. She provides me with new challenges to turn into musically rewarding experiences,  such as  "a summer school…. online” - her latest request!

What instruments do you play? 
My instrument is the cello and I play regularly in Amadeus Chamber Orchestra in St Albans. I also play chamber music (string quartets, piano quartets etc) with friends. I can also play the recorder and the piano. The piano was a necessity as a student but it’s not really my thing! 

I played in a Recorder Consort when I was a teenager and would love to see more high calibre recorder playing at DaCapo. I have basic skills on the Ukulele and performed in the Royal Albert Hall (in the audience at the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, at the Proms in 2009!).

What's your favourite piece of music? 
Impossible to answer! This depends on mood but what I’m likely to listen to is from the Germanic tradition!  Taverner's The Protecting Veil,  Bach Cello Suites, any Beethoven Symphony, Strauss Metamorphosen. 

Favourite composer?
Beethoven - never disappoints.

What’s your guilty musical pleasure? 
T Rex and Dolly Parton!

How are you spending lockdown Saturdays? Do you have any new pastimes?
I have mostly been pacing about hoping that the families are enjoying our videos! I've been working very hard to create really good quality online learning resources for our students. When I'm not doing this I've been enjoying the lovely weather by walking locally.

I have also had a Zoom Alexander Technique lesson. There really isn't time for any major pastimes… it’s been a very busy time for us!

What are you looking forward to most when lockdown is over? 
Seeing my pupils in the flesh, playing chamber music and having conversations that don’t relate to Covid-19!

Do you have a favourite DaCapo memory?
I’m not good with memories - I tend to look forward…but a great memory is when a small child (6) told me that this week’s lesson wasn’t as good as last week’' lesson!  - brilliant clarity.  That kept me on my toes.

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