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Stick notation

Notation which has the rhythm notation separated from the note heads and the pitch indicated by solfa names.

Stave notation

A stave is a set of lines on which the notes are placed. Traditionally five lines are used and pupils are taught to read by letter names. DaCapo uses both the five line stave and a ‘reduced’ stave (1,2 or 3 lines) and we teach through interval relationships and learning to hear notes in the ‘inner ear’.

Graphic score

Musical notation in a style to represent the music heard: i.e. short notes may be represented by short lines or dots, a longer note represented by an unbroken line. 

Key relationship

Notes have relationships to one another; for instance there is a natural feel for which note a piece of music may end on and if it ends on another note it may sound unfinished or surprise the listener. Understanding these relationships can be intuitive although academic understanding is often seen to be complex and difficult. DaCapo's style of teaching supports both intuitive and academic understanding from an early age.

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