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booth_e.jpg"If you are interested in music education, go see the DaCapo team at work. Over many years of dedicated inquiry, they have created enormous accomplishments. The seamless continuum of their programs leads children from toddlers through to teenagers (and beyond), with a minutely constructed curriculum (much of it quite original) and powerful teaching tools and techniques. The work focuses on musicianship and developing 'complete musicians', and I was excited to find them achieving this in a high degree. I was especially fascinated to study how their program teaches in groups from the very beginning, and how it mixes singing and playing in a catalytic way. One of the extraordinary accomplishments of DaCapo is their repertoire that has been collected, commissioned, and published over many years; and it is still being developed as they work with children in a variety of settings. When I talked with parents, teachers, and students, all my enthusiasm for what I had witnessed was redoubled as I heard first-hand about the power of the teaching and learning and life-change happening within DaCapo. Go see the work – it is as powerful as it is beautiful."

Eric Booth, Senior Advisor to El Sistema USA


“We see improvements in concentration, listening, and confidence. DaCapo brings joy into the school.” Key Stage 1 Teacher

"It made an impact on the foundation stage. All of the children scored 6 in maths – I think it was down to the music and the patterns that were being used. In speaking and listening the children are able to listen for longer." Foundation Teacher

"Working for DaCapo and learning about the Kodaly approach has undoubtedly improved my own musicianship. I am able to understand music using skills my undergraduate music degree did not teach me (that's not to criticise my degree, but to argue the point that a Kodaly module should be made compulsory on all undergraduate degrees!). Not only can the approach allow anybody to take part in musical activities – regardless of their experience – it allows them to understand and break down the language of music. The grounding DaCapo has given me is invaluable in my work now as a Secondary Music Teacher. We all know the song from The Sound of Music, I just wish I'd known the relevance of 'Do(e), a deer' as a child! Come and see DaCapo at work!" Greg Monk, DaCapo Teacher


"I cannot get over how lucky we are to have found DaCapo." Peter

"Just to let you know that we loved the concert on Saturday. Contrary to your concerns about 'the chaos factor', I thought it was a really lovely event; relaxed and an opportunity for the kids to enjoy themselves without having to be worried about behaving perfectly and performing perfectly either. We can see the dedication to high quality teaching in the enjoyment of the kids." Sue

"Many thanks for a great year!" Saskia

The DaCapo Music Foundation

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Saturday Music Centre based at Wren Academy, N12

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