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Babies, Toddlers & Early Years

Saturday mornings - please call for times


We run half-hour sessions for babies and toddlers. These gentle preparatory classes give babies and toddlers an initial experience of cooperating and joining in with a group, responding to the teacher and enjoying music, using a wide range of simple songs and musical games in a relaxed environment with their parents or carers.

Many of the songs and activities are exclusive to DaCapo – we work through a programme that includes songs for sitting, percussion, movement and ‘props’.

After some time in the Toddler music environment the children begin to really ‘tune in’ at which point preparation is made for the more structured environment of the DaCapo Early Years programme.

Early Years

There are ¾ hour sessions for three to six year olds. During these sessions children are expertly introduced to all the elements that make up music.

They build skills in pitch, pulse, rhythm, improvisation, music reading, coordination, and explore the expressive qualities of music.

They also build the social skills of cooperation, participation, contribution, leading and following and taking turns.

At this early stage simple and more abstract musical concepts are absorbed unconsciously, laying foundations for intuitive understanding and the ability to articulate complex musical ideas later on.

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