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Integrated Music Programme

The Integrated Music Programme (IMP) and its underlying ethos is what we believe makes DaCapo special.


The IMP makes for well-rounded individuals where no aspect of music-making is neglected or underdeveloped. This is achieved through a unified programme consisting of three complementary sessions:

* Singing circle

* Instrumental ensemble

* Individual lesson

Sessions include pulse work, singing and rhythm work with the use of relative sofa, singing in parts, notation and form, movement, exploration of musical concepts and the application of all these musical skills onto an instrument.


There are many advantages to our holistic approach. Because our teachers communicate closely, what is learned in the singing circle on a particular week will often directly support the individual instrumental lesson and vice versa. This clearly allows for a more thorough and intuitive grasp of key musical building blocks than would otherwise be possible.

The group sessions encourage skills of cooperation, self-respect and respect for others often done through games and with a healthy dose of fun! The group teachers also talk to the individual teachers about repertoire, ability and challenges that individual pupils may face. Careful planning and integration across sessions ensures reinforcement of new skills and concepts at each stage.


Children are placed with others of a similar age and the responsibility for challenging each individual and ensuring rounded progress in all aspects of music is placed on the teacher. Ensemble parts are written to every level of ability within the group and activities include everyone. During sessions pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves and experiment without scrutiny!

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