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Established in 1991, DaCapo was initially a Saturday Centre with a Kodály approach, very unusual at the time! Teacher training grew from the need to train our own teachers and then others asked us to train for them – individuals, schools and local authorities (now music hubs). Then followed a small publishing arm, because we needed tutor books and repertoire and suitable teaching materials were nowhere to be found. Commissioning quality materials was an important part of our growth and development.

In addition, we now work with partners to deliver high quality projects for children, both on a Saturday in North London and in schools and other venues further afield.

At the core of everything we do is the aim to be ambitious, creative and to make music fun – still all based on the Kodály and Eurythmics approach.

Our Timeline of Events


DaCapo started. Saturday Centre launched with 15 children.


Teacher Training Programme launched with ‘no forced practice’ at its core.


Began to commission own songs and develop the DaCapo imagery.


Early Years curriculum completed and Teachers’ ToolBoxes produced.


DCMS-funded project in Northern Ireland culminated in concert with the Ulster Youth Orchestra in Belfast. Project resulted in the Classroom Teachers’ ToolBox.


Young at Art Festival in Belfast.


3 month project in 6 schools in Norfolk.


3 month project in 30 Camden Nurseries.


3 month project in 6 schools in Kent.


Working with schools.
Publication of SongBooks and Tutor Books (15 in total).

Growth of Saturday Centre.


5-year partnership with Learning Horizon Nurseries in Singapore.


Partnership with and move to Wren Academy in North London.


Partnership with the Proms at St Jude’s Festival started.


Partnership with Yehudi Menuhin School & Little Angel Theatre started.