Our wonderful partners

We are extremely fortunate to have made partnerships with a group of outstanding Organisations with whom we share ideas, develop projects and create extraordinary experiences for children, young people and families.

Fantasia Orchestra

We’re so lucky to have a partnership with this wonderful young orchestra, to the benefit of both organisations and large numbers of children and schools over the next few years. Combining the exceptional playing skill of the orchestra members and their ambition to be cultural ambassadors for classical music in the 21st century with DaCapo’s expertise in delivering musical education programmes.

We look forward to exciting times ahead. We are planning a concert for children in 2021 and Fantasia players will also play for school events, projects and visits and have an important role in the new DaCapo venture to take the DaCapo programme into classrooms across the country through a digital resource.

Proms at St Jude’s

Proms at St Jude’s is a fantastic annual festival in Hampstead Garden Suburb, North West London. It offers a wide range of concerts and experiences for children from toddlers to teens and their families. It includes events aimed at increasing young people’s awareness and appreciation of the world of music and their involvement in it.

DaCapo share the responsibility for education and outreach work. Together we plan workshops, performance projects and also outreach work away from the festival week. DaCapo’s especially commissioned pieces are an important part of this work. We aim to increase arts education opportunities for children and young people in Hampstead Garden Suburb, in neighbouring boroughs and in East London through our link to Toynbee Hall.

We try to build strong relationships with local schools, organisations and individuals, supporting a network of providers who offer a range of top quality music activities for young people.

Wren Academy

In 2017 DaCapo found a new home in Wren Academy, including a great office space! It’s a school committed to giving children the best education including a love and respect for music. We have built a strong relationship with the school and are very happy here. The DaCapo Saturday Music Centre is based here too.

Starting with classroom music in the primary school, we progressed to instrumental tuition and we are now building towards the DaCapo Integrated Music Programme where each child who learns an instrument is supported by classroom music and an opportunity to play in an ensemble – Primary Orchestra and Reception Orchestra. There is also a choir.
We were delighted to be invited to also teach teach instrumental lessons in the secondary school in 2019 and our Vice Principal, Neil Pardoe, runs the enrichment orchestra.

Most instruments are now taught in both primary and secondary and we now see 16 DaCapo teachers in school throughout the week. It is fantastic to be a part of such a great school; it gives us a true training ground, research base and an opportunity to work towards the very best in school music.

Do get in touch if you have ideas or projects to share. We love working with others in creating interesting, rewarding and, hopefully, exciting opportunities.